Mark J. Nunn   
Founder & Company Director  at Atlas 24|7

'Just Do It' is the slogan which Mark builds all his foundations and principles upon, a major driving force behind his will and desire to win. Once asked what his primary objective was for the business, Mark simply added " The chauffeuring industry as a whole needs to embrace change and move forward, always looking at ways to offer the client a better service from the use of better quality cars, most professional drivers and easy to navigate websites. The advent of social media has also made it more possible to keep up with demand and current trends, as a company we are always looking to listen to our clients and improve all the time so we can be the best that we can be. When I look around I see dated mindsets and dated concepts which is why the team at Atlas 24|7 have to make it happen." Away from work Marks passions include traveling to remote parts of world, experiencing first hand different cultures and languages, an experience which in his own words always leaves him feeling 'Very Humbled' these experiences have left a lasting impression on him and he feels a sense of duty in giving back where he can in the form of charities, environment programmes or just helping out in local communities.

David M. Callinan

Partner & Professional Driver at Atlas 24|7

Innovator and Visionary are just two words that fit David's profile. Their seems to be no confusion at all when it comes down to the most important aspect of the job "it's all about the client, their safety, their comfort, their happiness, everything" that statement is then followed up with an equally thought provoking "As a business man who takes his profession very seriously I strongly subscribe to the idea that you should  always look to over deliver on your promise, for me is the difference between a professional and someone who is just good at their job." David's acumen stretches back over many decades and although it was through coffee that ultimately gave him the knowledge necessary to build grow and sustain many succesful coffee outlets around the world as far a field as Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand, he goes on to conclude that the principals of winning in business are the same "Firstly you need a market to sell your product or service to then you need to understand who your target market is going to be, once these are established, you need to understand your client/customers and identify their needs, then finally you need to be different and better than the compititon, Atlas 247 is very much a business that understands what is required to be the number one Business and Wedding provider in the UK.

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